Image courtesy boredpanda.com

They have tried
Over the years
To squash my light
and box my ears
I can not be broken

The school bully
Said I was a waste of space
That I should kill myself
Because of my ugly face
I can not be broken

I saw him years later
And I looked mighty fine
His mouth hung wide open
When he saw the hotness of mine
I can not be broken

The evil step mother
Called me ugly and stupid
Said I’d never have a boyfriend
But many times I’ve been struck by cupid
I can not be broken

The fairy tale husband
Said I was worthless and dumb
Left me black and blue
But I will always be MUM
she can not be broken

My daughter left the planet
and I was a shattered mess
I was reduced to rubble
I had become less
and yes
I was broken

But in the midst of all the chaos
the crumbled building site
I lay a brick as a foundation
in a corner, where there was light
I can not be broken

Remember this dear people
When things are getting tough
you may think you are unable
But we are built with strong self love
you can not be broken


© 2016 Amanda Cairns