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what you thought you knew

what you say what you do

who you choose to do it to

who you are in your own way

what real worth your selfie soiree

your juice your show your go slow bronco

few above will ever miss

your maze insane science

your daisy chain tyrant

gloves will never fit

whenever lights turn red to blue

whenever all due dates fall due


rush into your fray

without stay

or delay


dig deep your mountain

like its judgement day

and the gavel you hold

and your gravelly soul

and the vengeance you mask

and the sentence you pass

remember its yours

to decide and defame

remember its you

your sanction proclaims

no incognito and in camera no more

your canker laid bare from ceiling to floor


what is left to write

what too fine

to read


what may what might what snake in your tree

what jewel what pageant what rant what plea

what fuel what talent what cant what key

what gifts what ghosts what guarantees

degree by degree line precept and creed

peek through your blinds seek your truth cruel or kind

at the end of your day

you will only betray

the self you withheld

dividing backsliding

the self you compelled

the self coinciding


the self you were hiding




© 2016 nathan crombie